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Kerry Meier Is The Newest Atlanta Falcon

Two days late and probably at least a dollar short ain't half bad.

As you undoubtedly know by now, the Falcons signed a four year, $1.95 milllion deal with Kerry Meier, one of two draft picks who had remained unselected up to this point. Meier's role is uncertain in the short-term, but long-term he's almost a lock to unseat Brian Finneran.

But will he actually do it?

One of the things I really appreciate about this deal is how team-friendly it is. It places a young, potentially useful wide receiver under team control for four years, and runs the Falcons a little under $2 million for that span. That's a very reasonable amount.

Still, for all that, it's likely you're not going to see Kerry Meier get on the field all that often in 2010. It's entirely possible that he'll beat out Brian Finneran for a roster spot, since he's the heir apparent as a big possession receiver with average wheels. With the Falcons convinced against all reason that Michael Jenkins is a good possession receiver—he's probably a slightly above average one whose blocking doesn't make up for that—it's not like Meier is going to fly by him. He may not have the talent necessary to do so, anyways.

So if you're looking for a mustache fix, don't hold your breath too long. Meier will eventually be a contributor to this team. This season, though, I think he'll top out at 15 catches.

Your thoughts?