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The Scale of Falconliness, Receiver Week: Andre Rison

Who's the ultimate Falcon? And who's the ultimate anti-Falcon? That's what we're going to find out with our summer project: the Scale of Falconliness. We'll rate former Falcons on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most Falconly. The rule: minimum of three seasons with the Falcons for coaches, five seasons for players.

We'd love to evaluate the final entrant of Receiver Week, but we don't really have the proper music. There, that's better.

(Also, comment section show of hands: who thinks we should have a post on Billy Johnson? I'm on the fence.)

Andre Rison, WR (1990 - 1994)

Falconly Unfalconly

  • Four straight Pro Bowls in Atlanta.
  • 1990 first-team All Pro.
  • Second on team's all-time receiving yards, total touchdowns, and catches list.
  • Led Falcons in receiving for three seasons.
  • Often thought of as the second-best wide receiver of the early 1990s. The best receiver of the period was the best football player of all time, so second-best isn't all that bad.

  • Played for eight (8) different pro football franchises.
  • The Kroger incident.
  • The mansion fire incident.
  • He's still insane.
  • During his tenure with the Browns, lobbed f***-you's at Cleveland fans while the team was moving to Baltimore.
  • That prancy, flaily fight with Deion Sanders.
  • Arrested at least twice for child support stuff.
  • Arrested at least two other times for other stuff, including a barfight that ended with him telling police his name was Ron Mexico Brock Middlebrook -- his nickname to this day in Kansas City.

Current standings after the jump: