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The Scale of Falconliness, Receiver Week: Alfred Jenkins

Who's the ultimate Falcon? And who's the ultimate anti-Falcon? That's what we're going to find out with our summer project: the Scale of Falconliness. We'll rate former Falcons on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most Falconly. The rule: minimum of three seasons with the Falcons for coaches, five seasons for players.

Step aside for a moment, Roddy. It's time to see what we make of the original #84. There was probably another #84 before 1975, sure. Ok fine, Vern Burke was technically the original #84. Someday we need to have a poll on the best name in Falcons history. Dark horse: Preston Ridlehuber.

Alfred Jenkins, WR (1975 - 1983)

Falconly Unfalconly
  • Played all of his nine seasons in Atlanta.
  • Two-time Pro Bowler.
  • First-team All Pro and league-leading receiver in 1981.
  • Led the Falcons in receiving for five different seasons -- nobody else has done it more than three.
  • Franchise's third all-time in receiving yards, catches, and receiving touchdowns.
  • Born in Hogansville, Georgia
  • Studied and played football at Atlanta's Morris Brown College.
  • Tons of personality. His sit-on-front-porch-with-for-hours rating: off the charts. See this 2009 video of Jenkins cutting up at Flowery Branch with '66-'73 Falcons cornerback Ken Reaves and this 1981 SI article on the tiny Jenkins and his even tinier teammate Reggie Smith. Can't recommend these links highly enough.
  • Before becoming a Falcon, played one season for the Birmingham Americans of the WFL.
  • That's about it.

Current standings after the jump: