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Saturday Six Pack 7/10/10: The Grady Jackson News Week Edition


1. Cox: Let's be frank like Nathan's. The most exciting Falcons-related article to emerge this week from the entire internet was an interview with Flowery Branch's groundskeeper. No, seriously: it's a fantastic piece and you'll be glad you've read it.

2. Gridiron Gab: The 2010 All-NFC South Team. Soulja Boy over Tony Gonzalez? Some guy with 2.5 career sacks over John Abraham? Whatever, man.

3. Canal Street Chronicles: The All-Time Worst Saints Offense and Defense. When Aaron Brooks is riding pine, you know your All-Time Worst team is stacked.

4. 82 Sluggo Win:bizarre and winding essay on fanhood. There's a whole lot more to write about this thing, but it's really amazing and strange and you should just read it for yourself.

5. Fifth Down: The Gray Lady eyeballs the 2010 Falcons, and she likes what she sees. We're sure as shooting not gonna link to every team season preview thing that mentions Atlanta, but the Times' football blog does a pretty good job here of evaluating our offense and overall aura. Nitpicks: William Moore isn't going to take Thomas DeCoud's starting job, ever. Kroy Biermann could certainly get ten sacks in a single season; he had five in 499 snaps last year (compare to Mario Williams' 10 in 952 snaps, good for 16th in the league). And Jonathan Babineaux is an A.

6. Football Guys: Did you know Michael Turner actually didn't lose a step last year?