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Falcons Gameday Traditions: TV Games


We all have 'em. Some of us set up shop in the Gulch for home games. Some of us go to our favorite bar and get pleasantly lubricated. Some of us use it as an excuse to wear head-to-toe Falcons-branded merch. This series will attempt to provoke you to reveal your inner most gameday secrets.

I'm kicking this gameday series off with a whimper. I could've gone big with something like "Do you have any weird gameday superstitions or something similar. No, instead, I'm asking that you simply tell me exactly how and with who you view the Falcons on TV. Season ticket holders, just tell me how you deal with away games. Non-Falcons fans...well you don't matter. Go away.

My Falcons TV watching is a very sacred ritual. First, the day before (and preferably after the Crimson Tide has played their game), I head to the store and buy any or all of the following: chips, pretzels, dip, pizza, tortilla chips, salsa, hot dogs, steak, hamburger meat, nacho cheese.

On gameday, I arrange the snacks and set up my laptop on the living room coffee table around noon, when FOX is regaling me with ample amounts of pre-gameday fluff. I mute the TV and turn on my FM radio (remember those?) which is always tuned to the local Falcons Radio Network affiliate. As I'm in Atlanta, I get to listen to the best play-by-play man in the business. Georgia Tech fans will know who I'm talking about: Wes Durham! He and David Archer (ex-Falcon QB) provide ten times the insight and excitement any announcing group on the television networks can.

Using the radio broadcast for sound has another perk: I get to the hear the action before it shows up on the television. This makes live-blogging in one of our Falcoholic game threads incredibly easy. Since most TV signals are delayed by at least five seconds, I'm usually posting "TOUCHDOWN TURNER!" before anyone else. 

So there, you know my secret to having such a quick reaction in the threads. You're welcome. Use it well. Now, it's your turn. Share away in the comments. I want details, ladies and gentlemen!