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Madden 11 Team Ratings: Who's Improved The Most?

This year's Madden team ratings have been released. Today I present you with charts comparing this year's ratings to last year's. We can see which teams EA thinks made great strides since last June (Saints, Bengals, Jets, Vikings, Ravens) and which took tumbles (Bills, Titans, Eagles, Steelers, Giants, Cardinals, Panthers) -- and which teams they whiffed hard on last year and are thus overcompensating for this year (most of the teams previously listed in this paragraph's parentheses). You'd think the Raiders would get a bump for their 25-point (at least) upgrade at QB, but nope.


Yes, the Saints improved the most. I trust we'll make it through a comment section without anyone aneurysming about this fact. Thank you in advance for your civility. And yes, your Falcons only improved by 2 points. 12th-best in the league isn't EGREGIOUS DISRESPECT DUFFSMASH for a 9-7 team -- think about it. Meanwhile I'm busy being puzzled by the Bengals' rating -- the league's 7th-best team? Really?


The Bengals? Really? The Bengals are the 7th-best team in the league? Really?