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Report: Falcons Will Expand No-Huddle Usage In 2010

In Matt Ryan we trust.

That's what you have to take away from the news that the Falcons have expanded their no-huddle play total from about 10 to about 30. The no-huddle requires that your quarterback be able to read and react quickly to what defenses are doing, and apparently the team is read to hand the car keys over to young Matty Snowballs.

Why is that good news for the Falcons?

Here's what Roddy White has to say about it:

"Matt knows what he's doing," White said. "He's getting everybody on the same page. He's doing a good job out there coaching and showing that he understands it. He's making big steps."

Clearly, the coaching staff aren't the only ones who have confidence that Ryan can adjust on the fly. What makes this really crucial news for our purposes is that the no-huddle a great way to catch defenses off balance and try for a deep strike. The Falcons have White, Harry Douglas and Tony Gonzalez all perfectly capable of getting open deep, and the offense was bogged down at times last year by a combination of injuries and Mike Mularkey's overly-conservative play calling. It was definitely time for something like this.

Additionally, anything that gives Ryan more confidence is a good thing by me. At times in 2009, he looked jittery in the pocket and hesitant in his throws, and from the very first pass of his career it's been clear that Ice is best when he can uncork a ridiculous throw. Put him in a position where he's making quick reads and reacting, and I truly believe he's one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL.

Let's hope he proves me right in no-huddle situations this season.