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Sean Weatherspoon Doing Well, According To Falcons LB Coach

What, you expected them to tell you that Sean Weatherspoon is terrible?

Perhaps it's no surprise, but it's still encouraging to hear that our first round pick is quickly acclimating to the Falcons, with none of the loud mouthed trash talking he was supposed to be known for. Oh, but what will sportswriters wring their hands about now?

This news is courtesy of linebacker coach Glenn Pires, who says that while 'Spoon is learning like a rookie, he's showing an eagerness to get better:

"He’s in the learning curve right now as all first round draft picks are, all of the rookies are right now," Pires said. "He’s doing well in terms of learning. He’s doing well with the veterans and using all of his resources to do well. He’s off to a good start."

As promised, Spoon's been dabbling in both strong and weakside linebacking, important because those two positions are considered interchangeable by the Falcons, as Mike Smith repeatedly reminds us. Obviously, it's no secret that he's the favorite to take over Mike Peterson's starting job, but it's possible the team could shuffle him and Stephen Nicholas back and forth depending on matchups. That'd be a cool thing to see.

As a bonus note, Pires also likes the progress being made by Robert James and Spencer Adkins. I still don't believe James will make it out of training camp without facing Mike Smith's mighty axe, however.

Your thoughts?