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The Falcoholic Podcast - Episode 1: Why You Should Hate the Ravens


So the advertisements said July. Oopsie! Today marks the release of the first ever episode of our official podcast. Check below the jump for download link, RSS feed link, and show notes!

Episode: 001

Title: "Why You Should Hate the Ravens"

Hosts: Adam, Jason

Guests: Troy of, former managing editor J. Michael Moore

Length: 52:34

Episode Notes:

  • Can Mike Jenkins keep his position as number two receiver?
  • Just how Falconly is Keith Brooking? No, that's not rhetorical.
  • Who's going to earn punt/kick return duty?
  • Photoshop Idea: the Falcons Kickoff Catching Wheel Bucket!
  • We give fans a very large laundry list of reasons why to hate the Ravens even more than you do now.
  • JMike recalls the Falcons-Ravens website rivalry.
  • Adam lists all the other bird-mascoted teams that Falcons fans should hate

Direct Download Link: Here (PC: right click, save target as... MAC: Control-click, download linked file as...)

RSS Feed Link: Here (use this to "subscribe" to the podcast in Zune/iTunes)

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