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Saturday Six Pack 6/26/10: Unchained Mularkey Edition


1. SBN ATL: Am I linking to myself right now? Yes. I compiled the all-time best Falcons roster, using Madden ratings as my metric. If you happen to be into the Birds, vidja games, football, Atlanta, sports, life, or the past twenty years of Falcons history as viewed through the lens of media perception, why not go comment on it? Just go comment on it.

2. D. Led: Many of us have been known to feel a certain way about the Falcons' offensive playcalling. Well, Mike Mularkey promises to ramp up the Mularkery in 2010. We'd certainly all be happier than [some Southern idiom] to see the offense get broke wide opener than a [yeah]. Sorry for using so much jargon.

3. Smart Football: To bring our terminology back down to bite-size level, here's Sean Payton dissecting the psychology and philosophy of play-scripting, using his opening act from the Super Bowl as his material. Chew your teeth and bear through it, because this is 15 minutes of free world-class football school. Even if Payton does give Reggie Bush way, way too much pass-blocking credit. Video one, and video two.

4. SB Nation: One of our former quarterbacks had a shootout erupt at his birthday party. Can you guess which former quarterback this was? If you guessed Dick Shiner, then you were clearly just looking for an excuse to use his name. Roddy White was apparently at the party, but moseyed out before high noon.

5. The Examiner: Daniel Cox, natural Falcoholic, has earned himself a callup. He's done great work covering the Birds for the Examiner, and he's taking on a freelance role for the team's official site for the upcoming season. He's written an open letter to all Falcons fans that's absolutely worth your click.

6. Buc Em: Bucs fans debate the best and worst fanbases. And, yes, their brief assessment of Atlanta is nothing to get huffy over. 

Discussion morsel: What are Atlanta's most weirdly overrepresented and underrepresented fanbases?