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Will Falcons Wide Receiver Harry Douglas Bust Out In 2010?

This is one of those discussion posts I know you're all so fond of. And why wouldn't you be?

Today's topic is Harry Douglas. Depending on who you ask, Douglas is either a potentially interesting piece of the puzzle here in Atlanta or a guy who carries the hopes and dreams of #2 receivers everywhere on his thin shoulders. So many are divided on him for two basic reasons, which you'll see me discuss after the jump.

We start off with the injury. Douglas lost his entire 2009 season to a devastating torn ACL that immediately thinned out our wide receiver depth chart. Somehow, having Michael Jenkins, Marty Booker and Brian Finneran following Roddy White didn't sound as sexy as having Jenkins and Douglas, and it proved to be a pretty bland year for anyone not named Sharrod. After posting 23 catches for 320 yards and a touchdown his freshman campaign, HD lost out on any chance of building further success.

That leads us into the question of just how good Douglas is, and it would take a much smarter man than I to give you a definitive answer on that. As a rookie he posted very solid numbers in an offense dominated by White and Jenkins—13.9 yards per catch doesn't begin to tell you how speedy he was—but he's bound to be rusty and perhaps a little slower coming off the injury. The speed is the huge concern in my mind, because the Falcons desperately need a vertical threat to complement White, and our other options are either not speedsters (Jenkins, Finn, Meier) or not really well-rounded receivers (Weems).

Douglas isn't likely to be a savior, either way. The Falcons are going to continue to throw to White and Gonzo more or less all day long, and teams are well aware of that. All they really need Douglas to do is show up, make the occasional big play and keeps opposing defenses honest in a way Jenkins simply hasn't been able to. Whether he does that across the field from White or in the slot doesn't really matter, as long as he gets it done. I will confess that I really don't know if he can or not.

That's where I turn it over to you. What do you expect from HD?