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The Falcoholic Fantasy Football League, Now On

In past years, your teams have pulverized mine in fantasy football.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the sense of camraderie these leagues have fostered. I've enjoyed watching you guys draft and put together totally awesome squads that leave me a hollowed-out shell of a man, clutching his collapsing roster as the ruins of my life burn around me. That's pretty great.

But this year, you jerks are on my home turf. For the first time, we're pull together a top-end Commisioner league on, where my dynasty football team has lurked for the last five years. Thanks to the fine folks at, we have one official 12 team league this season, and I want to populate it with the baddest, the meanest and the toughest fantasy footballers The Falcoholic has to offer.

What sets the Commissioner league apart, you ask? Here's what:

  • Customization of entire league…rules, scores, teams and more

  • Multiple draft options including auction drafts

  • Ability to manage your league and team on your mobile phone

  • Expert and user generated analysis

  • Live chat/league instant messenger

  • Fast and incredibly accurate live scoring

  • Archived historic league data for future seasons


Not bad, right? You're probably asking yourself what you have to do to get into a fine league like this, but don't worry: No extortion, handcuffs or incriminating photographs are involved. All you have to do is indicate an interest in the comments section and I will draw your name out of an Atlanta Falcons hat. Myself, Adam Schultz and Jason Kirk will be headlining this league—mostly so you can rub it in our faces for months after your team beats the red-and-black snot out of ours—but that leaves nine open spots. There will be no fee to enter, and I'm mulling potential prizes as we speak.

But that's not all, I say in my best pitchman's voice (RIP Billy Mays). For those of you left out or too good for us rank-and-file, is also offering a pretty sweet deal. Thanks to the magic of promotional offers and the fact that you know me—hey, it had to pay off eventually!—you can get a Commissioner league going for half price. That's right, knock 50% off for an ending price of $89.99 and a 14 day free trial. If you set up a 12 team league, that means everyone's only paying....let me fire up my calculator...everyone's only paying about $7.50. As someone who has used Commissioner leagues in the past and enjoyed the hell out of them, I highly encourage you to check out the offer by visiting here!

After all, don't you want to impress your friends by offering a league without leaky pipes and rotting floorboards? Of course you do, vain reader. Again, visit here.

Throughout the next several weeks, we'll be featuring a sponsored post a week thanks to, where we'll talk fantasy smack talk, leagues, past history and more. Please feel free to suggest post ideas at And with that done, you know we're heading for the boilerplate! is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities. This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts related to the Fantasy Football Commissioner League.