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Saturday Six Pack 6/19/10


1. SB Nation: AHHHH, the quarterback power ranking article. The ultimate piece of unintentional flamebait. I actually really like this one, and not just because our man finishes in the top ten for once. Highlight? The commenters crawling over each other to point out the list doesn't properly follow protocol and employs actual original thought.

2. Schultz: Speaking of outside-the-box rankings sure to enrage everyone who's apparently never watched two consecutive seasons of football, Adam's uncle has found a list that has the Falcons as the league's 7th-best team -- one spot ahead of the defending champs. Schultz is, of course, pleasantly surprised, but this is the other kind of list that gets people all worked up: the things-may-not-go-exactly-the-same-as-last-year list. We go through this crap every single year: somebody suggests maybe the pending season might wind up a teensy bit different than the previous year and everyone loses their freaking minds in protest of such a suggestion, then acts shocked to pieces when some last-place team wins a division. It happens every single season. Over half of this paragraph has been a rant.

3. Danceburger: Kroy Biermann dancing? Video of it. [Joke about him throwing around quarterbacks like he throws around that spicy brunette] I never know what good dancing looks like. Whenever I try to watch So You Think You Can Dance with the Mrs., I'm like, "Was that good dancing? That was bad dancing, right?" And I'm always wrong. That said, I think Duff is better at dancing than most people are at dancing.

4. .com: Christopher Owens walks us through the details of his first career interception.

5. Yasinkas: Yasinkas has chosen Tony Dungy as the best NFC South coach ever. Some retorts.

6. .com: OTAs are over. We're one step closer to toe meets leather, ladies.