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Will The Falcons Target Supplemental Draft Pick Harvey Unga?

If you were writing a screenplay and needed a name for a suave caveman unfrozen in the 1920's, you'd definitely pick Harvey Unga, wouldn't you? Awesome name.

Already I digress. The former Brigham Young star has announced his intent to enter the supplemental draft, where he'll likely cost a team somewhere in the range of a fifth round pick to sign. Obviously the Falcons have quality depth at running back already, so his selection would be with an eye toward the future.

There's little doubt he's got an NFL future, in my mind, but it probably won't be as a starter. With a 4.6 40 time and classic size at 6'1" and 215, Unga's got quality size, clear blocking talent and enough burst to separate from linemen and linebackers at this level. Considering the character concern that got him kicked off the team was doing the Harvey Unga with his girlfriend—a shocking offense for a BYU student, apparently, but what many at my alma mater would call a Tuesday afternoon—I'm not put off by his off-the-field conduct, either.

In short, we're looking at a guy who might be a very capable backup at running back and possibly fullback or third back in the NFL at a fifth-to-sixth round price tag, which is pretty darn reasonable in my opinion. I would not be adverse to finding out that the Falcons are one of the teams that have shown an interest in Unga.

At least it's not Jason Webster.