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Report: Falcons Working Out Jason Webster, Confusing The Falcoholic

The minds boggles.

Those of you who are unfamiliar with my position on Jason Webster might wonder why it's such a big deal that the team is kicking the tires on the veteran. Those of you who have  read the site for a long time (hi, TO Falcon!) know exactly where I stand with our old friend Webster. To me, he's an iconic representation of how inept previous coaching regimes were.

When you remove that, though, what's the harm in just looking at a guy?

It hurts, in my mind, everything the Falcons are building to even consider looking at a guy like Webster. He was an atrocious cornerback when he played for us, he clearly hasn't gotten any better in the intervening time and he'll be 33 years old at the start of next season.

Ignoring the fact that their talent levels are all vastly superior to Webster, let's check the ages of our current cornerbacking corps. Last time I checked, our depth chart shook out something like this:

Dunta Robinson:28
Chris Owens: 23
Brent Grimes: 26
Chevis Jackson: 24
Dominique Franks: 22
Brian Williams: 30

You know I've lobbied hard against this team keeping Brian Williams around? He's still the better part of three years younger than Webster. For all the criticism we've lobbed at his play, I'd much rather field an entire squad of Williams than have one Websterr fumbling around back there like a 15-year-old at prom. I mean, we're talking about Jason Webster, a guy who had only four interceptions in three seasons with the Falcons, a guy who routinely was out of position, and a guy whose only saving graces—tackling and shiftiness—are bound to have faded with the passage of cruel time.

Add it all up, and I hope you'll come to the conclusion that even working out Webster and allowing yourself to consider the possibility that he might make this team is an idea planted in our heads by Football Satan himself.

Is this an overreaction? No. I'm sure Jason Webster is a great person, but I don't want him anywhere near the Falcons. Mark my words, friends: If the Falcons sign Jason Webster at the expense of any of the corners on our roster currently, I will flip my shaz.

....But your thoughts?