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Falcons Gameday Traditions: Superstitions

Peerless? More like clueless... via <a href="" target="new"></a>
Peerless? More like clueless... via

We all have 'em. Some of us set up shop in the Gulch for home games. Some of us go to our favorite bar and get pleasantly lubricated. Some of us use it as an excuse to wear head-to-toe Falcons-branded merch. This series will attempt to provoke you to reveal your inner most gameday secrets.

I have a superstition. It's weird, it's stupid, and it's probably unhealthy to some degree. On the Falcons' away gamedays, I wear the same Peerless Price White Authentic jersey. Caught up in the "Price experiment" during what seems like a long-by gone era, I made the purchase and lived with it for the years to come.

Four years ago, when bowling in a league (yes, I know, so awesome) I noticed that my team never failed to win when I wore the jersey. The team went on to repeat as league champions for two consecutive years. Having noticed the power of the jersey on bowling, I decided to try it out on the Falcons in 2008. Every away game that I wore that jersey, we won. Last year, I decided to wear it for EVERY away game. You saw how that worked out.

Nevertheless, I still bring out the jersey when I'm attempting to excel at something and do plan on donning it this year.

Ok, now that I've got that embarrassing admission out of the way, let's hear your own embarrassing, shocking, and just plain weird gameday superstitions. Don't be shy now!