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Saturday Six Pack 6/12/10: Falcons Join The Big Ten Edition


1. Shutdown Corner: Last week we put together the ultimate unAmerican football team, using only current FalconsHow about putting the entire NFL in play? It's a fine fine writeup, but this may annoy you into clicking: the roster includes as many Tom Bradies as it does NFC Southers.

2. D Led: Citizen newspaperman reports the Birds will be featured in this year's batch of creepy slow-motion NFL Play 60 commercials -- those joints where zombie Mario Williams swoops down to harvest armfuls of babies as zombie A.J. Hawk's hair looks on. (Though they'll have to severely adjust their slow-motion machine to account for our SEC speed, amirite??)

3. Rock M Nation: Speaking of college football and the Tower of Babel scenario it currently entails, youuuu should read this lyrical history of the Big 12, composed by SBN's Missouri Tigers blog. Spoon probably likes Billy Joel. He likes everything else, after all.

4. Thomas DeCoud and Chevis Jackson are so bored: Thomas DeCoud and Chevis Jackson record themselves interviewing fellow patrons at Stats, discussing matters of sport, cuisine, and a case of male pattern baldness that occurs in an unorthodox pattern and never seems to advance. Curtis Lofton and some frat dancers cameo. It's a very Atlanta video, overall.

5. Rival Roundup: It's only an illusion created by the Bohemian Grove that makes it appear to the untrained eye that the Tampa Bay Bucs are broke

Muhsin Muhammad has retired. I for one thank the good lord above that this event has finally taken place. If his 16 career games against the Falcons were condensed into a single season (84 receptions, 1,150 yards, 5 touchdowns), it would be the fourth-best of his 14 seasons. By all accounts he's a charitable family man, and we're delighted he now has time to do that stuff instead of towering several feet above whatever cornerback we've trotted out opposite Steve Smith's speedbump. (I'm not sure why I'm so high on the Panthers receiving corps all of a sudden.)

Canal Street Chronicles collects tweets and twitpics posted by Saints players as they explore a town devastated by the BP megacockup. This was nice of these Saints players -- even better, they're also raffling off a Super Bowl ring and donating the proceeds to relief efforts. In other news, congratulations to Vince Young on winning the 2005 Heisman Trophy.

6. Football School: MGoBlog charts the effects sacks and interceptions have on each other and on life in general. Most finding: "Sacks and interceptions may be indicators of great defenses, but they are not symptoms of bad offenses."