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AJC Minicamp Report: Peria Jerry Recovering Slowly

Before we get into the meat of this post, go read anything and everything from Jason Kirk and Adam Schultz regarding camp. They were there being awesome, as usual, and their musings deserve the full attention of your eyeballs. Once you finish there, return here. Commands are fun!

I'm sure Jason and Adam can either affirm or denounce this report from D. Orlando Ledbetter, but it raises some significant concerns for me about the health of Peria Jerry. If you'll recall, Jerry was hailed by Tom of Dimitroff fame as a key to the pass rush, something Mike Smith agreed with from underneath his safari hat. I had just begun to become comfortable with the idea that the Falcons drafted Corey Peters as a future replacement for Jon Babineaux and a valuable reserve in the here and now. I really don't need to be re-introduced to the idea that he was drafted because Jerry is months behind in his rehabilitation.

Let's put it this way. Whatever injury Jerry actually suffered—the team is worse than Johnny Tightlips—was significant enough that he's still limping, roughly eight months after he was placed on injured reserve. Even if he's out on the field gamely gimping around, that doesn't bode well for his ability to be up to full speed by the time the season kicks off. Y'all may want to get used to seeing Corey Peters and his shiny new jersey on the field.

Your thoughts?