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Quick Hit Morning Practice Mini Camp Observations

Due to my health taking a nose dive whilst in the Flowery Branch Chili's, I had to rush back home and will be missing the PM minicamp session. Fear not, however! Jason Kirk and user Ball Hawk are currently enjoying the festivities of the second practice and Jason will have a meaty, chunky, mmm, mmm, good mini-camp post up tonight or tomorrow. 

I will, however, throw out some extra-quick observations I made while baking in the north Georgia sun.

  • The (returning) secondary on the whole looks fantastic. Swatting balls, fighting hard with their covers, stalling routes, jumping routes... it was magnificent to witness. 
  • Rookie CB Dominique Daniels got burned on every rep he took, regardless if he was covering a starter or an UFA. Unless he improves in training camp, expect him to get cut early.
  • Kerry Meier has a ton of heart. He's really working hard. Ashamed he can't seem to stay upright. I did not see him catch a ball even once. I did witness him falling down multiple times. His best failure was a deep pass from Ryan into the end zone, where he stretched, grabbed, and ALMOST kept the ball as he slammed into the grass. So far, not exactly impressed with him.
  • Brandyn Harvey, UFA outta Villanova, looked amazing today. He caught everything thrown at him and put some amazing moves on even our vet CBs.
  • Grimes stalled or jumped so many routes today I lost count. But he also failed to impress when kickoff catching drills were being done.
  • Antone Smith is fast. He mostly worked with the second and third team offenses today and looked very good.
  • Kroy Biermann is a monster. He tapped Ryan on his shoulder two separate occasions before the ball was off by my count.
  • Roddy White is looking much more confident catching the ball.
  • Matt Ryan is back to his precision ways. 
Yes, this is just minicamp and it is entirely too early to make many observations. Minicamp really isn't about that for the fans. It's more about this: