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Saturday Six Pack 5/8/10: Day 1 of Minicamp Edition

Day 1 of minicamp is in the books. Ladies and gentlemen, the journey to Arlington is underway.


1. Bird Cage: For those of you planning to join Adam and I at minicamp in just a couple hours, the Cage provides a comprehensive minicamp tourist's guide that you can print out and laminate. It's surely worth glimpsing at before you pack your 13-inch camera lenses, just to see whether such a lengthy piece of equipment is permitted on-site IT IS NOT AND YOU'LL BE TASED.

2. Video: Turn the video all the way down and catch a peek at some semi-highlights of yesterday's practice. One note: I'm only 28, and the cut Jerious Norwood puts on Coy Wire from 1:12-1:16 (yes, it's that epic of a cut. More of a ritual full-body flaying than a cut) caused my knees to ache for the next five minutes. I'd say Bug Juice is at +/- 100%.

3. J. Mike: In addition to the seven drafted rooks and 15 UDFA's in the unroofed house, we'll get to evaluate five walk-on freshmen tomorrow, including Eric Ward, pride of Southwest DeKalb, and University of Guelph Gryphons prom king/punter Rob Maver, previously detailed here.

Incidentally, Ward was the record-breaking star quarterback for the 2008 winners of college football's most prestigious postseason championship tournament. Yes, that means I-AA.

4. J. Mike: Videos and quotes from Spoon, Dunta Robinson, and more after practice Friday.

5. D. Led: Post-practice Q&A with Matt Ryan after yesterday's practice. Ice reveals that he, much like us on draft day, has no idea which one Joe Hawley is.

6. D. Led: The "Well, that's one way of looking at it" way of looking at it: Secondary Shines In First Practice! Paul Harvey, however, would point out that this means some combination of our quarterbacks threw five entire interceptions in a single morning of American tackle football.

6a. D. Led: Review of afternoon practice: several Falcons only practiced once yesterday, either due to elder citizenship or minor injuries. Dunta looked good, racking a pick-six and stepping up as the secondary's vocal leader. (Also, via, Dunta and Ice have apparently developed a daily weight room competition.)

6b. Yasinkas: Yasinkas waxes Walt Whitmanly about the arboreal splendor of Flowery Branch's Hank Hill-approved Edenesque paradise -- even dubbing our lush greens the "nicest in the NFC South" gloat gloat gloat gloat gloat. The meticulously manicured horticulture of the Nest should come as no surprise, considering every Home Depot employee in the state is at the disposal of a man whose lawn looks like this. When you stop by today, don't gawk and point at Yasinkas if you spot him with glistening cheeks and palms shaking toward heaven, subsuming himself into the lake smell and Hall County skyline as Sigur Rós thunders from the glowing hills. Just let the man be.

6c. Yasinkas: Sighing, Yasinkas turned his attention earthward to more temporal matters, allowing his human body a moment to recover from the sensual onslaught that is metropolitan Gainesville in early May, to interview Michael Turner about all the weight our halfback has -- ahem -- Burned over the winter. Calling last year's model "plump," "big," and "sluggish," Turner says he's upped his conditioning and given up the perfect carbstorms known as Chicago pizza, meaning those season ticket commercials about his Turkish get-up regimen aren't just hot air.

6d. Examiner: This won't surprise you, but it will warm your heart: Mike Peterson and Sean Weatherspoon have pretty much become Mufasa and Simba after their first day as coworkers. "Whenever you can help the team out, that’s what I’m all about. Like I’m telling everybody, I didn’t come here to play 2,000 plays. I came here to win a Super Bowl and groom the young guys. Whatever my role will be, I’m ready for it," says Peterson.

We'll have a brief recap of this morning's practice up after lunch, and maybe one for tomorrow morning on this afternoon's practice. That's right, at least one of us is considering putting in a whole day out here on the frontlines.