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The Falcons and Their Beards

And I quoteth:

Reason 1 [You Should Grow a Really Long Beard] - It instantly turns any man into a bad-[expletive sadly deleted]. It's like having machine guns on your face.

So we have now established how awesome beards are. Facial hair is, in a word, awesome. Dave and I have facial hair, and therefore we are awesome. We're still working on Jason's hairlessness (pictured below). He's still new, after all.


Why all this beard love? Well, your humble Atlanta Falcons are one of the beardiest teams in the NFL. Follow the link for the evidence!

That's like...uhh...half, if not more of the current roster that are sporting manly facial hair. What does that conclude? 50% + of the Falcons have machine guns strapped to their face. I mean, really, none of our opponents even stand a chance. Every player with a beard is equal to Dave's personal XXXTREME FALCOHOLIC LOGO OF DOOM JUSTICE REVENGE (tm, and pictured below).


The 2010 Falcons? 16-0, Super Bowl Champs. The Beards command it!