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Things to Worry About: WR Harry Douglas NOT Cleared for Minicamp or OTAs

I asked a question ("Is Harry Douglas cleared for MiniCamp?") and got an answer from the esteemed Mr. D. Orlando Ledbetter of the AJC:

[Harry]'s not been cleared [for minicamp]. Will not take part in offseason workouts [either]. Training camp is the earliest for Harry.

Well that sucks. I wonder why? Is the organization gunshy? He's had the better part of a year to get over the invasive surgery he had just before the MIA-ATL game last September. If he's not participating in OTAs OR minicamp, and may or may not make Training Camp, can we assume he's not 100% yet?

Taking that thought further, could his performance this year merely be "ok" compared to the mountainous expectations of HD's electrifying end runs and punt returns we all have? I'm going to venture a guess that Douglas will have a hard fought battle this year in camp, considering his injury and his exclusion from OTAs and minicamp.

Am I worried? A little. I fully expected him to be in camp, showing off his new bionic limb. Alas, we must wait until training camp or later. Here's hoping he's his good ol' self come time to compete for roster spots.