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The Falcoholic Mini-Camp Meetup: 2010 Edition

Jason and I will be celebrating the publicification of minicamp practice at Waffle House in (or around, technically) Flowery Branch. We figured a few of you might just want to join us. Here's the plan:

Jason and I will be at the McEver Road Waffle House in Flowery Branch at 7:30am. I know it's early, but if you want a great seat for practice and still have plenty of time to yap it up with us over breakfast, I'd suggest forcing yourself awake at hours hitherto unknown to your beady little eyes.

Around 8:45ish, we'll form a WAGON** TRAIN!!!
**Wagon may or may not match depiction depending on whether or not the doc got the car up to 88mph

Then we'll head over to the Falcons facility. Practice begins at 9:30am and getting there early and in line is imperative if you want to get a key "autographing" spot.

If you don't want to get there early, you can still attempt to make contact with us. I'll be posting a RSVP link below.

Directions: Take exit 12 off of 985. Turn right off the ramp if southbound, turn left if northbound. Take a right onto Atlanta Highway. Take a left onto Radford Road. Take a right onto McEver and look out for the smell of waffles. Teh googlez, for map fiends

To RSVP, email me: tlozwarlock at yahoo dot com. Contact info will then be shared!

Here's the full Atlanta Falcons-branded info about 2010's Mini Camp fun!