Offseason Review

This 2010 offseason has been rather quiet and there hasn't been much going on for the Atlanta Falcons. Because I live in a country without ESPN, my only source for NFL updates has been the internet; I have been left rather unfulfilled with the lack of media surrounding the Falcons. Although we signed Daunta Robinson to a big deal early in the free agent period, it flew kind of under the radar because of the Julius Peppers' signing, and releases of LT and Brian Westbrook within the same time period. Even in the draft we didn't sign any big names and went for solid depth and heir-apparents to replace aging vets. Hopefully there is a reason for this. Apparently management must believe we are close to a playoff run and so the necessity to add upgrades just isn't that strong. While many of us could argue that our team rarely gets the attention they deserve, this may be a positive quality. It is often the dumb and illegal actions that gets media coverage in America, (how else could you explain the infatuation with Paris Hilton?) Lets take a look at offseason news made by other teams and see what kind of attention we didn't receive.

Our quarterback didn't get accused of sexual assault...twice. He will also play the first 6 games. Ben Roethlisberger

  • Our quarterback didn't add couple pounds to resemble an OL more than a QB. He also isn't being compared to the biggest bust of all time, Ryan Leaf. JaMarcus Russell
  • We didn't trade our franchise QB within the division for an unproven backup. Consequently, we don't have to face him twice a year when he knows our entire playbook and carries enough resentment to do anything to win these 2 games. Donovan McNabb
  • We know our quarterback is coming back for next year and don't have all the drama lingering in the air about what his decision will be come preseason. He also doesn't need ankle surgery to return. Brett Favre
  • We didn't mortgage our entire draft and pick a 2-3 round talent with poor mechanics and will require years to develop in the first round. Tim Tebow
  • Our highest paid player worth over $100 million didn't complain because he doesn't like the new scheme. Albert Haynesworth
  • Our General Manager didn't ask any potential draft picks if their mother was a prostitute. Miami Dolphins' GM Jeff Ireland to Dez Bryant
  • Our DL didn't attempt to carry a loaded gun on an airplane. Shaun Rogers
  • Our wide receiver didn't refuse to take off his I-pod on a plane ride proving not much has changed since the days when he threw a drink on the face of a women at a nightclub. Santonio Homes
  • Our bluechip OL who blocks our QB's blindside didnt injur himself playing basketball. He isn't expected to miss the whole season. Ryan Clady
  • We didn't wait until the last moment to re-sign a key cog in our championship team to show how much he really means to us. Darren Sharper
  • Our coaches and management aren't under investigation for a cover-up and law suit for stealing drugs. New Orleans Saints
  • We didn't lose multiple starters and have no signings to replace them. Carolina Panthers
  • Our owner doesn't refuse to spend money on free-agent acquisitions because his money is tied up in another sport, like the English Premiership. Tampa-Bay Buccaneers
  • And Finally just for old times....Our Quarterback isn't indicted on Federal charges for dog fighting. Remember all that great media attention and the 4-12 record to follow?
  • I guess no news is good news. Sometimes the best action to take is to wait and see how it all plays out before making a move. And I hope this boring and lackluster offseason continues for the Falcons throughout OTAs and training camp, after all, it's normally injuries that get reported during this time.

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