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Report: William Moore Medically Cleared To Practice

Hat tip to D. Orlando Ledbetter, who always keeps us informed.

William Moore was supposed to be a starter for the Falcons in 2009, but then leg injuries set him back and ultimately landed him on injured reserve. The promising second round pick is a much more physical safety than Erik Coleman, the veteran who retained his job after Moore went down, and has considerable upside. So it's hard to construe the news that he'll be returning to practice in the near future as anything but good news.

Given the severity of his knee and hamstring injuries, I'm honestly surprised he's going to beat Harry Douglas, Brian Williams and Peria Jerry back onto the field. Outside of Williams, however, Moore has the most to lose if he can't get back into game shape quickly, as he's far from assured of playing time with Coleman The Proven Commodity hanging around. If he can come back strong, however, I think he's virtually a lock for a starter again in 2010. Cross your fingers.