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Memorial Day Six Pack

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1. Blogging The Boys: BTB ranks each NFL team by its official website's traffic, along with a breakdown of each team's official Twitter and Facebook following. The Falcons have about as many Twitter followers as the rest of the NFC South combined, but our Facebook presence falls about 15,000 short of Tampa and half a freaking million short of the Saints. (While we're here, why not do something about it? Take a minute to rally around the home team at Twitter and Facebook.) Also worth noting: several SB Nation blogs actually draw more eyeballs than official team websites. Internet!

2. Pro Football Reference: How quickly did each NFL team put away its opponents last year? According to the charts here, the Jets and Packers were '89 Mike Tyson, while the Lions and Rams were patient killers who patiently waited and waited for the perfect time to strike, which sadly tended to arrive just after 60 minutes had elapsed. Your birds finished in the upper-middle of the pack, making us more like the '98 Mike Tyson.

3. MGoBlog: Mike Smith is not the world's biggest fan of punting, but he still operates with a pretty conventional NFL mindset when it comes to 4th down. MGB runs the numbers on which down-and-distance situations are most conducive for punting. Conclusion? NFL coaches are a bunch of timid fawns who should act like your little brother does on Madden. Don't tell Mike Smith I said that.

4. Pro Football Focus: Which running backs were most and least likely to run for no gain? Jason Snelling was one of the ten least likely to get stonewalled, while Jerious Norwood was sixth most likely to secure zero yardage -- putting him only three spots worse than Adrian Peterson.

5. Mile High Report: Your grandpa liked football much better back when each forward pass had to be pre-approved by an oversight committee. He tells you this all the time. Is the modern NFL really that much more passy than it used to be? To the mathmobile!

6. Cheerleaders: The Falcons cheerleaders have a new official website. Think Pussycat Dolls, but sanitary.