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Saturday Six Pack 5/29/10: Most Underhyped Edition


1. Bleacher Report: It's worth repeating until the world acknowledges it: the 1977 Atlanta Falcons defense was the best defense in pro football history, no homer. Better than the '85 Bears and '00 Ravens, as this article mercilessly proves with facts, accuracy, wisdom, and common sense. It's just sad the '77 offense couldn't pull its own weight a bald toddler's weight. Losing four games in which your opponent scores twice or less -- does this make Zack Greinke the patron saint of the Gritz Blitz? One could note rule changes have made it harder on defenses, thus making the '77 Falcons appear inferior; however, one could retort that Chicago's and Baltimore's offenses averaged 21.4 and 18 first downs per game to Atlanta's 14.1, meaning their defenses were on the field much less than ours was.

2. Your Birds did work this week. All 25 rookies visited with spinal rehab patients at the Shepherd Center; Jessie Tuggle, Jeff Van Note, and Buddy Curry held a benefit for Kids & Pros; Peria Jerry, Brent Grimes, Chevis Jackson, and others bowled for Challenged Child & Friends; Chauncey Davis hosted a physical fitness day at Coan Middle School; and Jerious Norwood & Co raced go karts for Make-A-Wish.  

3. Shutdown Corner: With all this talk about 2011 lockouts and 2012 Mayan calendars, Joe W. Twelvepack has been a little nervous lately. The pro football IV he keeps tethered to his arm at all times has begun to run low, and if no one arrives soon to top it off, he may have to become a full-time BCS fan. What the American Needle case ruling means for Joe W. Twelvepack: Nurse Gooddell is on the way over with a re-up, whether he likes it or not. (Also, via Pasta Padre, how does this case affect EA Sports' Madden monopoly?)

4. Mark Bradley: Khalil Johnson, the Dome's original general manager, seems to have an opinion on the prospect of building a new stadium, but I can't quite figure out whether he's pro or con: 

"They’re having discussions of whether [an open-air stadium would cost] less than half a billion or more than half a billion. At the same time we’re closing schools, we’ve got transportation issues and we need to figure out Grady [Hospital] … It’s not a sports question. It’s an economic issue. There are a lot more pressing needs."

5. SportsGrid is a shiny new gimmick device for ranking the WEB 2.0 CHATBLOG BUZZINESS of various sports entities as determined by complex daily algebra and Google fu. For example, here's the list of the most SOCIAL TWITTER FAVICON hyped NFL teams -- notice the Patriots are the third most SEO PLAYSTATION SEXTING hyped team, even though they're ranked as the 10th best team. This means the Pats are over-discussed at the moment, which I'm sure you needed math to figure out.

The Falcons? 12th-best team, 24th-most discussed, making us the league's most underhyped team. This is right where we want to be for maximum silent assassin opportunity. You'd have to imagine Mike Smith looks in the mirror every morning and says to himself, "Be underhyped today." There's plenty more to fiddle with on that site, even including media member rankings (Sage Steele a distant #25? Obviously this metric isn't powered by how quickly treadmill bros run depending on who's on the gym TV).

6. FOOTBALL SCHOOL: As requested by a Falcoholic commenter a few weeks ago, Niners Nation digs into the Cover 3  -- how it's different from a Tampa 2 and how to beat it.

And one to grow on:

Big Boi of OutKast performs in Athens. Skip ahead to 3:25 to see our Jamal Anderson on stage doing the Dirty Busdriver. [NSFW: Cussy, Drinky]