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Saturday Ice Pack 5/22/10: Ice Icing Ice Edition


Ice icing Ice

(Context: Bros Icing Bros)

1. Bleacher Report: The sports equivalent of the Huffington Post declares Falcons-Panthers the NFL's fifth-most underrated rivalry. You could click that link to read some Content (you love Content!) that has nothing much to do with the intensity of said regional rivalry, or you could visit Cat Scratch Reader (the sports equivalent of Thomas Wolfe) to learn how North Carolina fans feel about the matter. A warning: if your batteries happen to run on raw disdain, reading that link may rob you of your need for morning vodka. I've always felt the Atlanta-Charlotte rivalry to be a gentlemanly understanding amongst civil Southern landowners, but it looks like it's time to invest in a big tub of light blue Haterade powder.

2. Peachtree Hoops: Our cross-street avian brethren detail the four stages of fanhood:

On bad teams, you have middle school crushes on players. Fleeting, endearing, and real.

On rising teams, you have a loyal love that binds you with their new success in ways that make every trade possibility with one of your players seem ridiculous and one sided.

On elite teams, it is idolization or canonization depending upon if you are an optimist or pessimist when it comes to religion.

On mediocre teams, you sit in disdain. No one is good enough (even if they are). Everyone is to blame (even if they are not). And the negatives so outshine the positives you forget positives once existed at all (even if they still exist). You are the jilted lover.

Luckily, on our side of downtown, we don't usually have to deal with a whole lot of that elite or mediocre stuff.

3. Examiner: This weekend, one-man instant backfield Jason Snelling is serving as this year's Grand Marshal of the Georgia Special Olympics Summer Games. As many of you know, Snelling has dealt with a disability of his own throughout his life, having been diagnosed with epilepsy as a young man. When he's not busy running an entire wing-T and reading of Henry VIII all by himself, he devotes much of his time to raising awareness and money for epilepsy research. Being asked to lead the state's Special Olympics is a pretty special honor.

4. D. Led: Comrade commandeers capitalist propaganda device empowers local working group's radio station 92.9 FM! Taking over airwaves to broadcast message of eternal prosperity! Military exercises up and down the Peached Tree Street, war tuba is going rum, pum, pum, rum, pum, pum-pum-pum! Probably you will see the children marching as well! Citizen newspaperman documents list of state hymns as decreed by Comrade himself:

  • And It Stoned Me, Van Morrison
  • Truckin’, Grateful Dead
  • Steamroller, James Taylor
  • Toes, Zac Brown Band
  • Spirit In The Night, Bruce Springsteen
  • Ramblin’ Man, Allman Brothers Band
  • Mandy, Barry Manilow
  • The River, Bruce Springsteen
  • Roll Me Away, Bob Seger
  • Into The Mystic, Van Morrison

5. Yahoo Sports: Ice is the league's 15th best quarterback. Tell us how this makes you feel.

6. Yasinkas: Matt Bryant, who appears to be our kicker for the time being, is a goddamn man. He's been through the worst thing imaginable -- burying his infant child -- along with losing his dad and facing what had to seem like the end of his career. Read this article and I promise you'll find yourself hoping we get to cheer for him on Sundays (and really hoping he gets to hit a game-winner against Tampa).