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Slightly Off Topic: Some Homophonic Fun

As many of you may know, Dave, Jason, and I all hold nice, useful English-disciplined degrees. As English nerds, we obviously love the language we speak and write. Today, I'm taking that a little further. I'm a lover of homophones. Yes, get your snickers out of the way now. Anyway, homophones are words that sound like other words, but have different meanings. I'm taking that a step further. I'm taking the syllables of some of your favorite phrases or proper nouns and using homophones in their place. This creates a homophonic phrase akin to "I'll pack a" and the word "alpaca."

Here's an example: Atlanta Falcons = At | Lan | ta | Fal | cons. The "I"s represent the syllable breaks. Here's the homophonic phrase: At Lambda Valve Cans. Say it fast and you get a phonetic match for Atlanta Falcons. Sure, the homophonic phrase doesn't make any sense (unless you're a Half Life fan) but it sure does sound like Atlanta Falcons. Got it? Good. Decipher these and win a BRAND NEW CAR an English major's respect.

Pits Bird Steal Hers

Arid Zone Ah Car Denials

Nu Pour Lens Say Eats

Sand Fran Sys Go For Deep Nein Hers

Filth Ah Dell Fear Ear Gulls

Sins In Gnat Eek Bin Gulls

Tampon Bait Bucky Nears

Ball Tear More Rave Ins

Say Eat Lou Is Ray Ums

Green Bait Pack Hers

Carol Line Ah Pant Hurts

See At All See Hawks