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QB Mike Teel Is A Potential Signing For The Falcons

You may come out of this post thinking I hate John Parker Wilson and everything he stands for. After all, I have called for a replacement before, which earned me a Tweet from a reader who considered it the stupidest post he'd ever read. Obviously, the Falcons did not sign Brett Ratliff.

They should sign Mike Teel. I'm on record as a believer that JPW, for all his obvious football intelligence and growing familiarity with the offense, does not have the physical tools to succeed as anything more than a third string quarterback in the NFL. You need one of those, and if our backup wasn't a couple of years away from heading to another team or retiring I'd be perfectly comfortable with keeping him on the roster.

Let's face it, though, Chris Redman won't be around forever. He's performed better than anyone could have expected him to after he was unceremoniously bounced out of the league, and I have no doubt he can continue to fill that role this season and into the next. At that point, however, he'll be 35 years old and his already noodly arm will likely decline further.

That's why I advocate for the signing of Teel. Recently released by the Seattle Seahawks—who brought on J.P. Losman as his replacement, for some reason—Teel is 24 years old, has a strong arm and ideal NFL size at 6'4" and had a successful junior and senior season at Rutgers. He's no lock to ever sniff a full-time starting job in the NFL, but I think he has all the trappings of a terrific backup who could start for several games if the need arises. In a lot of ways he reminds me of Matt Ryan, with the same height, the same quality makeup and the same college-born concerns about interceptions.

If you're going to have your star quarterback out—and again, the Football Gods forbid it ever happens again—you might as well have someone handy who offers a similar skill set and can run the same offense. I'd advocate for bringing in Teel now and letting him duke it out with JPW through the summer.

After all, a little competition never hurt anyone.