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A Very Falcoholic Discussion: Your Undrafted Free Agent Of Choice

Hey, remember me?

Obviously I've been scarce for a little while, but things should get back to normal soon. Credit goes to Jason Kirk and Adam Schultz for providing such excellent content in my absence that you probably barely noticed I was gone.

Let's get to business, though. Out of the list of undrafted free agents originally signed by the Falcons in the aftermath of the draft and those added later, who do you think is most likely to make the team? I ask this as somewhat of an UFA buff and someone who always roots for the underdog, and as someone who has seen guys who couldn't get a call during the draft make the team (Brent Grimes, Eric Weems).

Though I'm intrigued by Rafael Bush and strangely mesmerized by Bear Woods, I have to go with Alabama tight end Colin Peek. He's a very talented prospect at a position where the Falcons have aging excellence in the form of Tony Gonzalez and guys behind him who can either catch (Justin Peelle) or block (Keith Zinger), but never the twain shall meet. Peek has a very good shot to beat out Zinger for a spot, though I like our German friend.

Your thoughts, dear readers?