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Dallas Cowboys' Official Draft Board Leaked: See What Jerry Jones & Co. Think of the Newest Falcons

So, yes, an image of the Cowboys' draft board leaked at some point around the fifth round. A video camera swept the Dallas war room -- it's likely they didn't think any information would be compromised forever, but this is the internet. Several frames of the video provided legible bits and pieces of their whiteboard. Blogging the Boys took the time to transcribe the board into something readable, giving us a clear look at how Dallas thought this year's crop stacked up. Post includes ~80 comments worth of corrections, suggestions, and notes.

Falcons-related remarks:

  • Maurkice Pouncey is listed as our likeliest pick. This may have ended up happening, had the Steelers agreed with the Dallas board and taken Kyle Wilson instead of Pouncey.
  • Sean Weatherspoon received an early-second-round slot. Pretty clear disagreement with Comrade on that one.
  • They had Corey Peters going in the mid-third round. We keep finding out more and more that suggests the MAIN STREAM MEDIA whiffed on Peters by giving him a fifth-round grade.
  • Mike Johnson early in the fourth -- we picked him at the end of the third, so that's about ten picks difference.
  • Dominique Franks in the mid-fourth. He slid to us a round later.

No other Falcons' picks are on the board, but that could be for any number of reasons. Plus, if guys like Pat Angerer and JD Walton aren't on the board, it's clear there's more to their process than just ranking every single draft pick -- like the Falcons, they're only ranking prospects in whom they're specifically interested. And I think we know why Tim Tebow didn't make the cut.

Another note... part of the Dallas draft board leaked in 2008 also. Jerry Jones couldn't possibly be doing this in 2010 on purpose for publicity, could he? He wouldn't dream of leaking a video that shows his own left hand manipulating the board while instructing an invisible room full of personnel, thus subconsciously making you associate high-level Dallas Cowboys roster decisions with Jerry Jones' face and nobody else's, would he?

By the way, here's one of the actual images, as provided by Blogging the Boys (note that Dallas still uses our old logo for their Falcons team magnet, an egregious form of disrespect that cannot go unpunished):