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Midweek Six Pack 5/12/10: Absolute Dead Zone Edition

POPPYCOCK. There's plenty going on. Let's see what D. Led has for us...

D. Led:
Harvey Dahl decided to cut his hair. Oh god, D3 was right. It's mid-May.

D. Led: New kid Sean Weatherspoon grades his own report card, giving himself a decent grade with room for improvement, along with a gold Lion King sticker for attendance. Even better, Spoon sounds excited about digging into his summer reading list. Was there anything worse than summer reading lists? Did any of you actually read The Crucible in the middle of the summer?

The Fifth Down:
Your Falcons have the 14th oldest roster in the NFL, but keep in mind the infamous Todd McClure Effect (summary: he's very old). We also have the 7th oldest offense, but the 6th youngest defense.

From the Rumble Seat: This time of year, weary football fans have been known to turn to made-up debates to pass the time. FTRS decided it would be best to stir up a knockdown dragout on the greatest sports city in America. (True to form, they couldn't even have a simple barroom argument without whipping up a spreadsheet chart.) One thing led to another, and lo and behold there's a whole tournament bracket to spend the next several weeks voting on.

SB Nation:
As if you needed one more reason to hate the Saints, they may or may not have just signed a Duke Blue Devils point guard. And if there's one thing we hate more than Duke, it's hemming and hawing. I actually kind of like Duke, but please attach your favorite Duke jokes email fwd in the comments.

Examiner: In all the hand-gnashing/teeth-wringing about Dunta Robinson, William Moore, and so forth, at least one member of our secondary has been a little overlooked this offseason: Chevis Jackson. Daniel Cox has a word with Chevy (please select a Chevrolet model name we can use for the rest of Jackson's nickname) and Smitty on expectations and preparations for #22's third season.