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Saturday Six Pack 5/1/10: Purple Cardinals Edition


1. Revenge of the Birds: Chic Cardinals fans debate the appropriate occasion for which to wear their new Atlanta Falcons throwforwards. "[Arizona] will be wearing a white helmet and white pants with the jersey and that will be the difference." Oh no you di'n't! Girl, we wear tight white pants too, and they even use the same swoopy stripe thing.

Loser Leaves Mascot Biological Class And Switches To Green And Orange steel cage match: the Cards wear their altsies during week 2 and we'll do the same. But how will anyone be able to tell which team is which? Exactly.

I say we simply break out these beauties and wait for AZ to follow suit:

Via's endless jerseyfun tool

2. D. Led: The Birds' bow-tied beatsmith shoots the breeze with Kerry MeierShann Schillinger, a Joe Hawley/Dominique Franks combo, and Mike Johnson.

3. ESPN: John Clayton, ponytail cascading, names Atlanta one of his five surprise teams of '10. It's the kind of compliment

that makes you say :-/ as the other four teams are the Redskins, Raiders, Panthers, and Bears. The Bears and Panthers I get. And sure sure sure this is the NFL and anything can happen and we shouldn't gawk in wonder no matter who makes the playoffs, unless if they're coached by Pete Carroll. I guess it's just surprising to see the Washington Ethnic Slurs listed here, as over the spring they've put together the Madden '07 All-Star Team. You'd think people would be too high on the Slurs, not too low on them.

And I don't think anybody would be surprised if the Raiders improved by replacing a terrible quarterback with a good one. What's surprising about that? That's like being surprised at the improvement of your chicken sandwich when you add chopped onions while also removing a slice of poop.

Also, ESPN bangs out their inaugural 2010 power rankings. I'll leave the analysis to the comment section, though I will point out the Tampa Town Bucks would squash the Bills, Chiefs, or any team coached by Pete Carroll.

4. Dawgs By Nature: SB Nation's Browns blog wisely checks down to an outlet receiver by eschewing a graded evaluation of the 2010 draft, instead grading 2007's showing. I think they're actually a little generous to what became of P*trino's ★★★★★ recruiting class, but the teams below us did go and do a thing like drafting Adam Carriker, JaMarcus Russell, or Ted Ginn. So.

5. J. Mike: All of Flowery Branch ghost-town'd yesterday, as everyone in the state who gets paychecks from Arthur Blank rolled out to Gainesville to do work around the community -- painting playground equipment, landscaping, spreading good cheer, making us proud to be fans and more likely to pick up after our dogs for godsakes the bags are right by the trail, and so forth. Also, statue of Comrade immediately erected to honor coast-to-coast fact-finding wood-shavings tote of immense fortune! One wheel for wheelbarrow -- one wheel for homeland!! 

6. Blogging Dirty: Pulling himself away from a mind-blowing blackjack run long enough to call his bookie, Troy shares Vegas' initial odds of each team winning Super Bowl XLV. Granted, these things are weighted somewhat by the size and spendthriftiness of each team's fanbase. Apparently Slurs fans throw money at Vegas like Daniel Snyder does the Madden '07 All-Star vending machine, because that's the only explanation I have for Washington being ranked alongside us. Also, Tebow was able to part the waters between 50 and 55, giving the Broncos a curiously specific 53.

And one to grow on:

Via 14bikeco