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Falcons Game Changing Move: Drafting LB Sean Weatherspoon

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This is a sponsored post, as previously noted, and one in a series of six about important moves made by the Atlanta Falcons this off-season. With the draft so fresh in everyone's mind, I figured I'd tackle arguably (or even inarguably) their single most important pick. That's right! We're talking about....

Game Changing Move #1: Drafting of Linebacker Sean Weatherspoon

Important rookies are nothing new to this Falcons team.

Sean Weatherspoon is being counted upon to start at one of the outside linebacker spots on this Falcons defense, a traditional area of strength for the team that is slowly being built back up. Specifically, he's going to gun for the starting job of one Mike Peterson, a respected veteran leader who also happened to be one of the weakest players on the Falcons in 2009. He may also have to fend off Clint Ingram, but I think he's more than up to the task.

Weatherspoon really isn't like any other player on this team. He has fire and swagger in a team of quiet professionals, two attributes that may lead him to butt heads with the equally fiery Mike Smith. Given that the silent Stephen Nicholas and the laid-back Curtis Lofton are our other two linebackers, that kind of fire could make him a natural leader on the outside. At the very least, it should provide a spark for our defense to play with that same kind of swagger, which is a nice intangible. I'm not saying Lofton could play any better (don't kill me, Curtis!)

He's also a supremely talented prospect and a natural fit for the Falcons. They'll use him in a million different ways in 2010 and beyond, and I for one couldn't be more excited to see him in action.

That's why drafting Weatherspoon was a game changing move.