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Saturday Six Pack 4/3/2010: Schwarzeneggar Edition


  1. AJC: Curtis Lofton answers five questions that have gloriously nothing to do with football. All five are enlightening, but his iPod revelation/all-time favorite Falcon (Hammah Montana) = all you need to know about our middle linebacker. Is it badass that the heart of our defense listens to music you pretend to be embarrassed to have even heard of? I hope the team takes the field to "Party in the USA" next year just to see you squirm.
  2. Peachtree Hoops: HD collates a series of discussions on the national perception and too-often reality of mealy-mouthed Atlanta fandom. No tl;dr -- this is today's must-click.
  3. ESPN: Smitty peppers Yasinkas in the ears with knowledge-punches on the disappointing stat years had by John Abraham and Jamaal Anderson. Coach feels Abe's career goes through seasons and equinoxes and is raring to bloom forth in a psychedellic pastel diorama of forced fumble rainbows and shamed left tackles.
  4. Bird Cage: On the spectrum of football fandom, reading up on interior offensive line prospects is pretty dadblanged far away from watching sweet highlight videos of touchdowns. But you know what? Your team's gonna draft a guard or a center this year, so it's time to bone up like Joe Theismann.
  5. DRAFT BUSINESS: Great Plains worker group Arrowhead Pride and metropolis counterpart Gang Green Nation gaze as one on rocky horizon! Attempt determination of young revolutionary to be chosen very soon by Comrade for perpetual advance of Dirt Bird Republik! '87 Camaro Spoiler Alert: Spoon and an eyebrow-raiser, respectively.
  6. 160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzeneggar Quotes: As this ten-minute video is entitled "160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzeneggar Quotes," we won't expect to see you in the comment section until twenty minutes from now. [NSFW: Cussy, gunny, stabby] [via]