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Falcons Draft Wide Receiver Kerry Meier At Bottom Of Fifth Round

At this point, do I even need to tell you that this pick is a mild surprise?

The Falcons elected to use their fifth round compensatory pick on Kerry Meier, a converted quarterback who stands 6'2, 224. He's got solid hands, sneaky speed and a frame that suggests he can block well. If we're drawing an NFL parallel, it has to be Brian Finneran, who has a similar skill set. Meier right now may actually have a little more upside.

It's pretty clear right off the bat that Meier is not being drafted to start right away, and he may never crack the lineup. What he is an big possession receiver who can block and who may possibly be able to play some quarterback in a few packages, giving him the versatility Mike Smith covets.

In the immediate future, he'll be learning the ropes from Jenkins and Finneran, the two players he projects to be most similar to. Long-term, he'll be a key backup who may have a chance to get some starter snaps if he develops quickly. Solid pick here so late in the draft, but I'm going to have to see him play before I get really excited about him.