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Falcons Cap Second Day Of Draft With Guard Mike Johnson

Generic name aside, Mike Johnson was an excellent pick for the Atlanta Falcons.

With their supplemental pick at the end of the third round, the Falcons erased a lot of doubt engendered by the selection of Corey Peters by taking the Albama guard. Big at 6'5" and 312 pounds, Johnson is a strong, smart, technically sound offensive lineman whose biggest weaknesses are his footwork and athleticism. Frankly, the footwork can be addressed, and a guy with good footwork and technically sound blocking is better than a superfreak athlete any day at the position.

In the short-term, Johnson gives the Falcons a versatile backup on an offensive line that doesn't have nearly enough of them. In the long-term, he could team with Garrett Reynolds on the right side for one wing of a truly nasty offensive line, or he could supplant Justin Blalock if the incumbent continues to struggle. If this is a reach, it's by like 10 picks, maximum, and he's clearly the kind of intelligent player that the Falcons really value.

So we end the second day on a high note. Join me tomorrow morning, when we post another live blog and slog through the remaining rounds!