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Falcons Select Defense Tackle Corey Peters In Third Round

Deep breath.

Okay. Nobody likes this pick right now. Let's get that out of the way right now. Everyone wanted Everson Griffen, Matt Tennant, Eric Decker....basically anybody but Corey Peters.

Deep breath.

So what does the team see in Peters? They see a defensive tackle with ideal size. They see a guy who had 22 tackles for losses over the last two seasons, and eight sacks. Basically, they see a big, penetrating defensive tackle who approximates Jon Babineaux. Clearly, the Falcons believe that defensive tackle is a critical position, and by drafting Peters they're adding another guy who could join the rotation. By doing so, they're creating fearsome depth there, and Peters could be a long-term starter.

But seriously, defensive tackle? I don't understand this pick. I really felt that defensive end, offensive line, wide receiver and even cornerback might be better choices. I can't make myself believe that there wasn't talent available at those positions that would have been worthy of drafting ahead of Peters, who the Falcons could've at least gotten in the fourth round.

So to sum this up, Peters has everything you look for in a solid starting defensive tackle. He may get there quickly and blow us all out of the water. But this is a surprise, a reach and a pick that is going to draw a ton of controversy over the next few months. I don't know what else to say.