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Atlanta Falcons Pick LB Sean Weatherspoon In First Round

I wrote recently that Sean Weatherspoon was beginning to feel like the inevitable pick for the Atlanta falcons. Turns out I was right.

There were very few players who better fit the Falcons. He's a vocal leader—some say too vocal—who has a ton of physical talent and plays at a position of need for the Falcons, that of the linebacker formerly known as Mike Peterson. There are questions about his maturity level and his skills in pass coverage, but the Falcons have an extremely strong organization and should be able to address both if they're legitimate concerns.

More importantly, the Falcons signaled that they're going to continue to fill perceived positions of need above all else. That's a good trend as the Falcons look to tomorrow, when they have a pair of third round picks to use and plenty of depth on defense and offense likely to be available. Frankly, I'm pretty thrilled with this pick.

Obviously, we'll look at Weatherspoon a lot more closely in the coming days, but please take this time to talk about 'Spoon. I imagine you'll all find plenty to talk about.