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The Falcoholic's 2010 NFL Draft Live Blog: Day One

Bathed in the light of the heavens and backed by a choir of jersey-wearing angels, the NFL Draft returns!

This is the place where teams gamble with their futures, investing millions of dollars into young athletes who may blossom into future franchise fixtures or wilt under the pressures of fame, injuries or a talent level that cannot rise to the NFL's high-water mark. It conjures up thoughts of the first day of spring, when the world lies open before you and optimism pervades the thoughts of even the most dour of men.

For the Falcons, it's a chance to take a growing, talented team and bring them to the next level. Whether the team selects Sean Weatherspoon because you all have a boyish crush on him or Brandon Graham because his motor is always running, I trust the brain trust to invest our dollars in the smartest way possible. It's also the one time a year where I get excited to hear a bunch of rich guys stand around and call the names of a bunch of younger future rich guys. Glorious evening.

Because the NFL Draft is changing—three whole days this year!—we're changing with it. For the first time, rather than force you to scroll up and read my comments as you try to mix it up in the comments, I will descend into the bowels of this website with you to live blog this one something proper. If we reach alarmingly high totals of comments, I'll have backup threads, and will notify you when I toss one of those up. At some point along the way, I will probably be joined by Jason Kirk and Adam Schultz, the two zany co-writers of this site.

I hope you'll all join me for the action all throughout the evening. Looking forward to seeing those of you who have been active in the discussion for months, those who will be making a triumphant return after fleeing the site for the winter, and those of you stumbling across The Falcoholic for the first time. Let's do this up proper!

Woo! Draft!