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Adam's Patented Annual Totally Premature Falcons Schedule Prediction

So the schedule has been released! Hip hip hooray! Time for me to do some way-too-early predictions! This will be my official stance until the season starts, then I'll do the weekly mood adjustments, just like last year. Let's get down to business!

Week 1 - at Steelers - Sep 12 1pm: No Big Ben? No problem. WIN

Week 2 - vs Cardinals - Sep 19 1pm: The Dome will be a rockin. Revenge will be a'knockin. Prepare Leinhart, Biermann will decimate you. WIN

Week 3 - at Saints - Sep 26 1pm: Ugh, as much as I hate to say it, I think we split with our French foes this year. LOSS

Week 4 - vs 49ers - Oct 3 1pm: 364 days and 2 hours prior to this kickoff, I was saying "I do" to my wife at the altar. The least the Falcons can give me on my 1 year wedding anniversary is a win against the revenge-hungry (after that absolute whuppin' we put on em last year) 49ers. WIN

Week 5 - at Browns - Oct 10 1pm: The Browns! Suck! WIN

Week 6 - at Eagles - Oct 17 1pm: Another Schultz family household holiday; my date of birth. 26 years prior to this game, I was likely still in my little rolling buggy, waiting for my parents to pick me up. Let's have a nice present here. Matty Ice goes home and destroys the team he grew up loving. WIN

Week 7 - vs Bengals - Oct 24 1pm: Total wild card here. You never know what Bengals team will show. Oh, and 7 games into the season, and only one division game! Talk about back-loaded. Anyway, Falcons take a misstep heading into the bye. LOSS


Week 9 - vs Bucs - Nov 7 1pm: The Bucs bring their sorry butts back to Atlanta just to get beat up again? Poor dears. Let me wipe these invisible tears and bust out the world's smallest violin. WIN

Week 10 - vs Ravens - Nov 11 8:20pm: So we get less than a business week to prepare for the mighty Ravens after a division game? Ugh. Schedule maker, you disappoint me here. I don't want Flacco to get in gear, but I'm afraid he will. LOSS

Week 11 - at Rams - Nov 21 4:05pm: And we get almost ten days to prep for the Rams? I don't care who they draft, we win this one. WIN

Week 12 - vs Packers - Nov 28 1pm: Yeah, no. Pack can't beat us in our own house. WIN

Week 13 - at Bucs - Dec 5 1pm: At Raymond? Falcons win! WIN

Week 14 - at Panthers - Dec 12 1pm: Finally, we get our first crack at the Tealcats. Took long enough. No Delhomme? No loss. He just had our number while he was there, most of the time. WIN

Week 15 - at Seahawks - Dec 19 4:05pm: Not a huge amount of drama at this one, but something is telling me they get the worst of us after a long stretch of road games. LOSS

Week 16 - vs Saints - Dec 27 8:30pm: The Falcons versus the Saints on Monday Night Football just works. It's like ketchup on mashed potatoes or whipped cream on corn cobs. It just works. Falcons DESTROY THEM. WIN

Week 17 - vs Panthers - Jan 2 1pm: The Falcons finish the regular season with a match against their teal wearing purring foes. They handle them mightily. WIN

Am I really as optimistic as to predict, this early, a twelve and four record at the end of the year? Yes. Yes I am. Whether that'll win the division, I have no clue. Regardless, the Falcons will see the postseason this year. And ya know what else? I have a really, really great feeling about this year. I just do. Is it our time? Something tells me so.

Put bluntly...

Adam's (way too premature) predicted record: 12-4-0