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2010 Atlanta Falcons Schedule Released


Quick first thoughts:

  • We get all our potentially cold-weather games out of the way by mid-October. No snowballs in Matt Ryan's face as he's orchestrating game-winning drives, in other words. After that, it's nothing but domes, Florida, North Carolina, and Seattle, where it just rains all day long.
  • Drunk Seahawks fans may throw rainballs.
  • No Ben Roethlisberger. Any of you scared of Dennis Dixon? Was kind of hoping to let John Abraham personally avenge the honor of the entire town of Milledgeville, but that'll have to wait til next time.
  • The three-game road stretch at Tampa Town, Charlotte, and Seattle could be tough, but it's a cakewalk while wearing cake cleats on cake turf compared to last year's meat grinder of a late-season gauntlet.
  • Two prime-time games, both at our place for once. Two division home games to close the season seems huge at first, until you remember we'll have been resting all our starters for like three weeks at that point.
  • I'm not sure what that object right in the dead center of the schedule is. It's labeled BYE, but everyone knows the Falcon BYE is supposed to come in week 2 or earlier. We've requested word from the league on when our actual BYE is.

See the official NFL widget app thing here. Includes data things and so forth.

This is a good schedule. Zero complaints from me. How about you?