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Saturday Six Pack 4/16/10: Romance Novel Brent Grimes Edition


  1. DRAFT BUSINESS: Bleeding Green Nation, Turf Show Times, Revenge of the Birds, and Cincy Jungle party like some mock stars to the tune of Graham, Spoon, Graham, and Everson Griffin.
  2. Yasinkas: Yasinkas stirs up a reader roundtable on WTF was wrong with Atlanta's play action game in 2009. The home team somehow, someway, dug down deep and found the resolve to finish 32nd in play action completion percentage, despite having the prototypical play action roster and coaching philosophy. Survey says: 1. Mularkey, 2. Mularkey, 3. some idiot asshole on the Falcons sideline is apparently yelling "HEY MATTY MAKE SURE YOU HAND THE BALL OFF REALLY PERFECTLY THIS PLAY, WINK WINK", 4. Michael Turner was hurt, and 5. Michael Turner was hurt. But what do we think?
  1. J. Mike: Comrade and company will allow cameras into the Falcons war room on draft night, one of only four teams to do so. "It’s going to be very good for this organization to have the Atlanta Falcons logo (on camera)," Comrade says. We'll see how much of an impact this has on recruiting next year, as the Falcons are currently battling FSU and Alabama for a prized five-star left tackle out of Calhoun County. (This is a cool move, and we're proud to root for a team that finds a happy balance between fan access and Belichickianism.)
  2. ESPN: Good news: we have the league's 20th hardest schedule this year. Bad news: we have the hardest schedule in the NFC South.
  3. The Huddle: Matt Ryan demonstrates his morning routine. While shaving, he launches the world's most boring bulletin board material at New Orleans, assures us he'll never turn up rip-roaring in a Milledgeville bar bathroom, ponders social media and technology and citizen journalism and the futility of attempting to stall the march of time, fires up Madden to figure out WTF was wrong with Atlanta's play action game in 2009, and offers a little piece of advice to EA Sports. He does all this every single morning of his life. While shaving.
  4. Shutdown Corner: Now more than ever, it's ok to hate every single thing about Super Bowl champion Super Bowl champion Super Bowl champion Super Bowl champion* Jeremy Shockey. However, meet Carl Nicks: a Saint who may find the smallest platelet of respect in a tiny, tiny, irregularly visited corner of our Falcon hearts. For reference, here's Brent Grimes demonstrating what a Falcon heart looks like:
  5. N104988_medium

    *: Crossing it out didn't make it go away.