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Around the Perimeter: Remembering Patrick Kerney



The walking Under Armour ad, former Falcon All-Star defensive end Patrick Kerney, has retired. Off to the great AdvoCare valhalla in the sky, Kerney leaves behind fond memories of mangled quarterbacks and frantic calls for more crowd participation on third downs.

His greatest personal successes -- 2007 Defensive Player of the Year Award, 1998 All-America -- came as a Seahawk and a Virginia Cavalier. But the bulk (and we do mean bulk) of his career was spent in Atlanta, where he attained his pinnacles of team success by winning the NFC South and reaching the NFC Championship game. So when he's inducted into the NFL Strongman Hall of Fame, we're quite confident he'll go in wearing a red and black singlet.

AJC: D.Led breaks the news, along with quotes from the manimal himself.

Blogging Dirty: Troy at Blogging Dirty rolls his shirt past his shoulder, hulks up, and pens the definitive Falcons blog remembrance of PK.

Field Gulls: SB Nation's Seattle Seahawks blog reviews Kerney's final season as a pro.

Wikipedia: Work your Patrick Kerney trivia muscle.

SunBreak: Seattle mag mourns the death of the Seahawk pass rush.

HowStuffWorks: Read this Falcons-era Kerney piece -- it's a very detailed, day-by-day breakdown of Kerney's week, including workouts, diet, and YES OF COURSE he benches tractors, but only on Thursdays.