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Time to Play Guess the Falcons' Schedule!

So we now know that the full NFL regular season schedule will be released Tuesday April 20th during a prime-time extravaganza on NFL Network. For the rest of us schmos who can't get NFL Network, there's always Expect to see a full breakdown once it releases. But for now, let's do what most football fans do in this dullest of lulls in the NFL calendar and PROJECT!

Here are the dastardly enemies opponents we're facing this year.

Home Away
Bucs Bucs
Saints Saints
Panthers Panthers
Packers Eagles
Ravens Steelers
Bengals Browns
49ers Seahawks
Cardinals Rams

Below the jump, you'll find my projected schedule. Make up your own and put it in the comments. The most accurate one wins a prize our admiration.

Week 1: Saints Away - Yeah, we get these guys first. And we kick their butts

Week 2: Bengals - How long has it been since we've seen these guys in the GA dome?

Week 3: Eagles - What cold weather?

Week 4: 49ers - Let's not let them do to us in our town what we did to them in

Week 5: Steelers - Because the schedule guy likes us and is aware of our aversion to bad weather.

Week 6: Bucs Home - The gay pirates show up in Hotlanta for a good ol' fashioned Georgia butt-whoopin'

Week 7: BYE - Because we don't want none of this silly third week bye crap.

Week 8: Ravens - So Matty Ice gets to go up against that other decent QB that came out of the 08 draft class. (No I can't remember his name.

Week 9: Panthers Away - Revenge, ladies and gentlemen. It is a comin'

Week 10: Saints Home - Revenge II, Electric Boogaloo

Week 11: Browns - So uh...who's the QB there now again? Doesn't matter. Biermann has their number.

Week 12: Bucs Away - We visit the land of sun and fun and come out with a win

Week 13: Packers - Aaron Rodgers doesn't stand a chance.

Week 14: Panthers Home - Ugly blue invades the Dome once again

Week 15: Cardinals - Revenge III, Lookie that Tree

Week 16: Seahawks - lol whut?

Week 17: Rams - Ah, the traditional Falcons whipping boys of the late season.


NFC Divisional - Falcons defeat Cowboys and get some good ole' Revenge IV, Open the Door

NFC Championship: Falcons defeat Vikings and get some "haha, we're better than you still" good karma

Super Bowl: Falcons defeat the Patriots for some homemade Revenge V, BURIED ALIVE