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The Name-Changing Ninjas Have Struck!

So you might have noticed this morning that our esteemed colleague brickcheney was known no longer as a pun of Dick Cheney's illustrious name. Instead, he shall forever be known by his relatively normal and far more professional birth name. 

You can blame the Name-Change Ninjas, pictured below.


They may be young, but they're crafty. At least, that's the excuse I used when they easily forced me and Dave into the charade as well...

In all seriousness folks, it was an overdue change and Mr. Kirk just happened to spur us into action. You can thank him for the professionalism later. And now, a word from your Fearless Leader.

"I feel the change is another way to connect to our readers and writers on a more personal level." - Dave Choate, the writer formally known as Dave the Falconer.