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The 1998 Falcons vs. The World: 1967 Green Bay Packers

The next WhatIfSports SimMatchup between our own own Super Bowl team and every Super Bowl winner is a rematch! If you'll remember, the last time these two teams faced off, our stellar defense made Bart Starr look like a little woman. Get ready to lather, rinse, repeat, because Buchanan, Robinson, and Brooking (!!) each get pieces of Starr passes. Add to that the fact that Mr. Dirty Bird, aka Jamal Anderson, scores three TDs, and you got yourself a humdinger of a game.

Final Score: ATL - 27, GB - 9

Follow the jump for the quarterly synopsis!

1st quarter: Green Bay kicks off to Atlanta and on the ensuing drive, Jamal Anderson takes over, gaining over thirty yards on his second run from scrimmage. Spelling Anderson, Oxedine gains six and then Chandler is given a couple of passes that go nowhere. Morten Andersen is brought on and the Falcons are up by three.

We kick back off to the Acme Packing Co's finest and they decide it's time to move the ball. Their own Anderson-surnamed HB, Donny, gets a forty-five yard run on our stellar defense. After a few more dips and dos, the Packers tie the game with a fieldgoal of their own.

Atlanta's next drive is all Chandler's. With passes of 11, 7, 16 (negated by a penalty), 20 already under his belt this drive, Chandler decides to air it out on the last play of the quarter, hitting Martin for a staggering 28 yards. Time expires with our offense sitting pretty at Green Bay's 13 yard line.

2nd quarter: Remember the 13 yards between us and glory at the end of the 1st quarter? Number 32 decides they've waited long enough. On the first play of the second quarter, Anderson runs the gamut to the endzone and dances his heart away. The score is now Atlanta 10, Green Bay 3.

We let Green Bay have the ball for all of two plays. On Starr's first pass attempt of the quarter, Keith Brooking leaps magically in the air and steals the ball. Atlanta's sitting pretty on Green Bay's 43 yard line

It's just a shame we cannot take advantage of it. After some decent runs and a couple of first downs, Chandler fails to connect to anyone in the endzone and Andersen is brought on for the fieldgoal. Automatic from this range, Atlanta is up by ten.

Green Bay takes the next drive personally, driving all the way to the Falcons' nine yard line. They rely heavily on Donny Anderson and it's his 31 yard screen run that makes the meat of the drive. Thankfully, our defense doesn't break and the Pack is forced to settle for a field goal. Score is now Atlanta 13, Green Bay 6.

The next four drives all end in punts, so I won't bore you with them.

3rd quarter: Green Bay and Atlanta both fail to take advantage of their first drives of the quarter, with the Pack punting and the Falcons recording a loss of downs. Then Green Bay answers our huge score with a fieldgoal, bringing the score to Atlanta 13, Green Bay 9.

Jamal Anderson decides it's time to be serious. He takes over the team's 2nd drive of the quarter with rushes of 6, 2, 6 and then a monstrous 23 yards off a draw. Then, Chandler has his say with a 24 yard bomb to Martin. A couple of plays later, the Falcons are on the Green Bay six yard line. Anderson takes the ball and does what he does best. Atlanta now has twenty points against the Pack's nine.

We give the ball back to Green Bay, but only fleetingly. Buchanan picks off the first play from scrimmage and comes to rest at Green Bay's twenty three yard line.

With time nearing expiring on the 3rd quarter, Jamal Anderson inches the team ever closer to the promised land. Time officially expires as he is tackled at the Green Bay three yard line.

4th quarter: The Falcons spell Anderson with Green but he never manages to make it to the endzone. So, with one yard to go until paydirt, Anderson struts on the field and easily breaks the plane. Rejoice, for the Falcons are now at 27 points against the Pack's 9. No more scoring!

On the next Green Bay drive, Robinson says "Gimme" and picks off Starr.

Green Bay and Atlanta both punt it out for a while until Green Bay makes it all the way to our 3 yard line. In fits of desperation, the Pack (with only a little over 2 minutes left to play) run out of downs and the Falcons send out Bob Christian to give some breathing room. Perhaps numbed into submission the Packer defense lets him run rampant for twenty-seven yards. They do the same for Anderson, who gets one last rush play of eighteen yards before Chandler forms the victory formation and sets his knee down.

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