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Falcons Re-Sign CB Brent Grimes, Release WR James Swinton

Per the Official Site, the Falcons resigned exclusive rights free agent Brent Grimes and released wide receiver James Swinton.

Neither of these moves are particularly surprising, of course, but we at The Falcoholic firmly believe that you'll be so dazzled by the sheer volume of our posts that you won't care if we write nonsense like gribble slabble flabble dabble. Am I right?

Of course, having Grimes around is important because he'll figure heavily into the competition for minutes at cornerback throughout the 2010 season, and he remains our single best bet for interceptions at the position. Thankfully, because he was an exclusive right free agent, no other team could even look at him funny without Mike Smith dropping them with a right cross to the jaw. Ah, exclusivity.

Swinton was a vaguely promising receiver with some speed, but it's pretty clear the Falcons are either going to stand pat or add someone through the trade/free agency/trade who has a little more gametime experience or potential. Take your pick, really. I wish Swinton well.

Your thoughts?