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A Look At Falcons Cornerbacks, Sans Chris Houston

Okay, this is the last post about cornerbacks for a little while. Unless the team isn't done wheeling and dealing, of course.

Of course, you all heard the big news that the Falcons re-signed long snapper Joe Zelenka, and of course...wait. Sorry, that's the other big news from Monday. The news I was referring to was the Falcons' trading Chris Houston to the Detroit Lions, a team so cornerback-starved that all the fans over at Pride of Detroit are excited to get him. Bless their hearts. While the Falcons moved up in the fifth round and picked up a sixth round pick, one the driving factors behind that move was freeing up some space on a very crowded depth chart. I'm glad to have the depth chart, and I'm sure Houston's glad to have a shot at playing time he certainly wasn't going to get in Atlanta. The question is, how will that depth chart shake out now that he's on the next train to the City of Cars?

This is primarily intended to be a discussion post, but I will of course start you off with my own thoughts on the position, articulated in a tiny bit more detail than in the many comments I've posted in recent days about the position. You can find that after the jump.

The Depth Chart

Dunta Robinson: Easy decision. He's making the big bucks and the team likes his coverage skills.

Chris Owens: Fluid in coverage, with excellent instincts. Still question marks due to a lack of experience.

Brent Grimes: A prototype nickel back. He should be able to grab his fair share of picks and jump routes here.

Chevis Jackson: An underrated cornerback who can step in where needed. Will probably play inside, mostly.

Brian Williams: A steady veteran presence who will move up as needed. His skill set is clearly declining.

Tye Hill: Unless he works miracles, he may not even make the team.

Magic Draft Pick: If Williams or Hill isn't viewed as an answer, you'll know as soon as the draft. Go go, magic corner!